So…continuing with my blogs about the coffee scene in Berlin I’m gonna write you about one of my TOP 3 coffee shops in this city. Be ready to read about a Berlin Classic renewed…

We start this journey on my search for a specialty coffee shop near Wilmersdorf. Since a lot of cafés are in Mitte, Kreuzberg and other neighborhoods, it is not that common having shops just „around the corner“ from where I stay in Berlin.

Café Kranzler is a famous coffeehouse in Berlin, Germany. Opened in 1834 on the Unter den Linden boulevard in the central Mitte district, it’s  Western branch on Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg became an icon of West Berlin after World War II.

THE BARN was founded in 2010. They are pioneers here in Berlin when it comes to specialty coffee. Highlighting terra and flavor and serving their coffee the best they can. Introducing clean flavors into coffee, the new world of coffee has over 800 aromas. That’s more than for tea! Coffee doesn’t have to taste like burned ash or burned chocolate. It can be enjoyed without any additional enhancements, sugar, flavors or milk. Coffee can speak for itself. That is basically the mission of specialty coffee, and THE BARN takes that very seriously.

They made the move from Mitte, where they operate two shops, to West Berlin. An area previously almost untouched by speciality coffee has a new owner. And it happens to be that the owner is what may be the most well known coffee roaster in Berlin, and why not, in Germany.


The first struggle was finding the entrance to the Café. You have many options! Two entries  are around the Kranzler Eck, one is going up by an elevator and the other entry is from underneath via stairs, through the store Superdry (that entire is closed on Sundays though).

When you enter the shop, the first thing you think is „WOW, is this place cool!“. And it is indeed! It has almost a 360 degree view around the Kranzler Eck and the Ku´damm.  Everything is made out of wood in a very modern and simple style. It looks clean and comfy.

They have two coffee making stations: one for espresso and filter coffee. And the other one is for drip coffee. The most interesting part in my opinion is their very good looking MODBAR ESPRESSO MACHINE. Interesting fact of this machine is, that the group filters and steamers are above the working table. The machine itself is underneath the working table.


Let´s talk about their coffee. THE BARN is one of the most well known coffee shops in Berlin and Germany. They are even nominated for ‚best European specialty roaster‘. The first drink I had was a flat white! Over time I enjoyed other drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, cold brew, cold drip and even drinks like espresso tonic or one with grapefruit juice and espresso. They range of flavor is BIG! Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Kenya. What do you want more?

Coffeee roasted by THE BARN.
Filter coffee made with V60.








Their snacks are good too! I like their Croassaint with a very tasty pepper crust ham and Swiss cheese. They have other pastries, sandwiches, yoghurts. On weekends they even do fresh waffles. But my most beloved snack is there honey and cereals cookie named „aztec cookie“. They are a total winner!

Here are a few pictures from KRANZLER:

My first ever brunch there.
Waffle time.



Cold drip by THE BARN.


Grapefruit juice and iced espresso by THE BARN.












They sell every roast that THE BARN has to offer. I bought even coffee myself for my home setup. I’m very excited to try it out as soon as I’m back in Mainz! They also sell HARIO products, Aeropresses, books and different own branded gifts.

Let´s talk about one of the main gifts this café has to offer: the daylight, the sun and the view of the city. The perspective above the  Ku’damm is very pretty. It is ridiculous how you are sitting there, above everyone…above people that might be in stress, might be going to work. Who knows…I find that feeling of watching everything from above very relaxing (no wonder I love flying haha).

One of many outside seat options at KAFFEE KRANZLER by THE BARN.

I want to end this article by talking about the staff. I´ve never had such a consistent and positive experience in coffee shops as I´ve done here. The staff is so incredibly friendly, always open and welcomed to chat with you for a while. They explain everything you want to know about your coffee, let them recommend you drinks, you won’t be disappointed. The staff makes this café, in my opinion, a very pleasant place to be.

The long hours of sunshine might be coming to an end. The hours spent in their terrace might be over soon too…at least for 2018. I´ve been multiple times with my girlfriend there already. And I cannot wait to spend their more!

Thanks to all the team from THE BARN for making such a good coffee and for being in charge of such an iconic place in Berlin as it was and now still is Kaffee Kranzler…



Check their instagram out: https://www.instagram.com/thebarnberlin/



Kurfürstendamm 18, 10719 Berlin, Germany
Monday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 20:00 pm
Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin
Monday – Friday: 08:30 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm
Auguststrasse 58, 10119 Berlin
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm


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