So about this recipe… If you are familiar with German food you maybe know the cheese, leek soup. This has melted cheese in it as well as minced beef and bacon pieces for the taste. I do not eat cheese of any kind, so in my family we changed it up. It’s one of my favorite soups and by now also Mateos. We both love recipes that involve ground beef, so we decided that this will be our first recipe for the blog. 

Beef- Leek Soup
Mateos version with Backerbsen 








We love going to farmers markets to get our products as well as the meat. In my opinion it’s not more expensive then buying it at the grocery store besides the meat. The meat is just higher  quality there then at the grocery store. A big plus for me is also that not everything is packed up in plastic and that makes you feel better about yourself. 

Fresh produce from the farmers market
Me buying our ingredients for the soup








It is a really basic recipe but I love it especially if it’s cold outside and you just want something comforting and still fresh to eat. We did a big batch of it, so it will last for two days.

If you refrigerate it should be good for a couple of days and you can heat it up in the microwave. Only thing if you reheated the entire soup you need to eat it otherwise it goes bad. 


All ingredients for the soup
1 big leek  or 2 small ones
3 small to medium size potatos
2 small onion
2 spring onions

500 g ground beef

1 heaping tbsp cream frâich(sour cream) 
75 ml heavy cream

Others: 2 l water
2 tsp broth powder 
1 tsp paprika powder 
salt and pepper for taste

*  you can substitute the water and broth powder for just liquid broth


Chopping onions

1.Take a big pot and start by cooking the ground beef in a little bit of vegetable oil. If it is close to being cooked throw in the chopped onion and let that cook until the meat starts to get some color. At this point you can season it with salt and pepper as well as some paprika but please don’t salt it to much yet.


peeling the potatoes
cooked beef and potatoes

2.Now is the time to throw in your cut potatoes and let that soften up a little bit and let them get some color, after that throw in the leek. Don’t forget to stire it  so it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pot.


adding the water 

3.After a minute or so you can add your water and vegetable broth. (mine is in powder consitionsy, if you have it in liquid form just add that instead of the water)

4.Now let it come to a boil and then let it cook on high heat for a couple of minutes, so that the water reduces and the taste becomes stronger. Now let it simmer on low to medium heat.

5.If the potatoes are soft, you can add the spring onions. They will still be a little more tender than the leek, at the end. You can check if the soup is seasoned enough for you. (just don’t forget that the cream will make it a little lighter in taste)

6.Now add your sour cream or creme frâich in and stir it in. At the end take the soup of the heat and add in the cream.

Ready is your soup.

Enjoy it 🙂 

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