So about this recipe… If you are familiar with German food you maybe know the cheese, leek soup. This has melted cheese in it as well as minced beef and bacon pieces for the taste. I do not eat cheese of any kind, so in my family we changed it up. It’s one of my favorite soups and by now also Mateos. We both love recipes that involve ground beef, so we decided that this will be our first recipe for the blog. 

Beef- Leek Soup
Mateos version with Backerbsen 








We love going to farmers markets to get our products as well as the meat. In my opinion it’s not more expensive then buying it at the grocery store besides the meat. The meat is just higher  quality there then at the grocery store. A big plus for me is also that not everything is packed up in plastic and that makes you feel better about yourself. 

Fresh produce from the farmers market
Me buying our ingredients for the soup








It is a really basic recipe but I love it especially if it’s cold outside and you just want something comforting and still fresh to eat. We did a big batch of it, so it will last for two days.

If you refrigerate it should be good for a couple of days and you can heat it up in the microwave. Only thing if you reheated the entire soup you need to eat it otherwise it goes bad. 


All ingredients for the soup
1 big leek  or 2 small ones
3 small to medium size potatos
2 small onion
2 spring onions

500 g ground beef

1 heaping tbsp cream frâich(sour cream) 
75 ml heavy cream

Others: 2 l water
2 tsp broth powder 
1 tsp paprika powder 
salt and pepper for taste

*  you can substitute the water and broth powder for just liquid broth


Chopping onions

1.Take a big pot and start by cooking the ground beef in a little bit of vegetable oil. If it is close to being cooked throw in the chopped onion and let that cook until the meat starts to get some color. At this point you can season it with salt and pepper as well as some paprika but please don’t salt it to much yet.


peeling the potatoes
cooked beef and potatoes

2.Now is the time to throw in your cut potatoes and let that soften up a little bit and let them get some color, after that throw in the leek. Don’t forget to stire it  so it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pot.


adding the water 

3.After a minute or so you can add your water and vegetable broth. (mine is in powder consitionsy, if you have it in liquid form just add that instead of the water)

4.Now let it come to a boil and then let it cook on high heat for a couple of minutes, so that the water reduces and the taste becomes stronger. Now let it simmer on low to medium heat.

5.If the potatoes are soft, you can add the spring onions. They will still be a little more tender than the leek, at the end. You can check if the soup is seasoned enough for you. (just don’t forget that the cream will make it a little lighter in taste)

6.Now add your sour cream or creme frâich in and stir it in. At the end take the soup of the heat and add in the cream.

Ready is your soup.

Enjoy it 🙂 

Post written by: Tara Sky McFarland


So…continuing with my blogs about the coffee scene in Berlin I’m gonna write you about one of my TOP 3 coffee shops in this city. Be ready to read about a Berlin Classic renewed…

We start this journey on my search for a specialty coffee shop near Wilmersdorf. Since a lot of cafés are in Mitte, Kreuzberg and other neighborhoods, it is not that common having shops just „around the corner“ from where I stay in Berlin.

Café Kranzler is a famous coffeehouse in Berlin, Germany. Opened in 1834 on the Unter den Linden boulevard in the central Mitte district, it’s  Western branch on Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg became an icon of West Berlin after World War II.

THE BARN was founded in 2010. They are pioneers here in Berlin when it comes to specialty coffee. Highlighting terra and flavor and serving their coffee the best they can. Introducing clean flavors into coffee, the new world of coffee has over 800 aromas. That’s more than for tea! Coffee doesn’t have to taste like burned ash or burned chocolate. It can be enjoyed without any additional enhancements, sugar, flavors or milk. Coffee can speak for itself. That is basically the mission of specialty coffee, and THE BARN takes that very seriously.

They made the move from Mitte, where they operate two shops, to West Berlin. An area previously almost untouched by speciality coffee has a new owner. And it happens to be that the owner is what may be the most well known coffee roaster in Berlin, and why not, in Germany.


The first struggle was finding the entrance to the Café. You have many options! Two entries  are around the Kranzler Eck, one is going up by an elevator and the other entry is from underneath via stairs, through the store Superdry (that entire is closed on Sundays though).

When you enter the shop, the first thing you think is „WOW, is this place cool!“. And it is indeed! It has almost a 360 degree view around the Kranzler Eck and the Ku´damm.  Everything is made out of wood in a very modern and simple style. It looks clean and comfy.

They have two coffee making stations: one for espresso and filter coffee. And the other one is for drip coffee. The most interesting part in my opinion is their very good looking MODBAR ESPRESSO MACHINE. Interesting fact of this machine is, that the group filters and steamers are above the working table. The machine itself is underneath the working table.


Let´s talk about their coffee. THE BARN is one of the most well known coffee shops in Berlin and Germany. They are even nominated for ‚best European specialty roaster‘. The first drink I had was a flat white! Over time I enjoyed other drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, cold brew, cold drip and even drinks like espresso tonic or one with grapefruit juice and espresso. They range of flavor is BIG! Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Kenya. What do you want more?

Coffeee roasted by THE BARN.
Filter coffee made with V60.








Their snacks are good too! I like their Croassaint with a very tasty pepper crust ham and Swiss cheese. They have other pastries, sandwiches, yoghurts. On weekends they even do fresh waffles. But my most beloved snack is there honey and cereals cookie named „aztec cookie“. They are a total winner!

Here are a few pictures from KRANZLER:

My first ever brunch there.
Waffle time.



Cold drip by THE BARN.


Grapefruit juice and iced espresso by THE BARN.












They sell every roast that THE BARN has to offer. I bought even coffee myself for my home setup. I’m very excited to try it out as soon as I’m back in Mainz! They also sell HARIO products, Aeropresses, books and different own branded gifts.

Let´s talk about one of the main gifts this café has to offer: the daylight, the sun and the view of the city. The perspective above the  Ku’damm is very pretty. It is ridiculous how you are sitting there, above everyone…above people that might be in stress, might be going to work. Who knows…I find that feeling of watching everything from above very relaxing (no wonder I love flying haha).

One of many outside seat options at KAFFEE KRANZLER by THE BARN.

I want to end this article by talking about the staff. I´ve never had such a consistent and positive experience in coffee shops as I´ve done here. The staff is so incredibly friendly, always open and welcomed to chat with you for a while. They explain everything you want to know about your coffee, let them recommend you drinks, you won’t be disappointed. The staff makes this café, in my opinion, a very pleasant place to be.

The long hours of sunshine might be coming to an end. The hours spent in their terrace might be over soon too…at least for 2018. I´ve been multiple times with my girlfriend there already. And I cannot wait to spend their more!

Thanks to all the team from THE BARN for making such a good coffee and for being in charge of such an iconic place in Berlin as it was and now still is Kaffee Kranzler…



Check their instagram out:



Kurfürstendamm 18, 10719 Berlin, Germany
Monday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 20:00 pm
Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin
Monday – Friday: 08:30 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm
Auguststrasse 58, 10119 Berlin
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm



In recent years, Berlin has begun to buzz with a growing affinity for high-quality coffees. Perhaps because it is a haven for Australian and American expats, the third-wave coffee movement has become just about as relevant to Berlin’s social foodie scene as to the internationals themselves.

Right now I´m sitting in Cafe Kranzler, owned by The Barn, in their beautiful terrace, drinking a flat white and starting to write this article. I’m thinking about where I should start…I know so many coffee places already in this city. There are over 50 specialty coffee shops distributed around the German capital. I will start with the first café I´ve ever visited in Berlin…



I went to Roamers for the first time in January 2017. It was my fourth time in Berlin already but I have never went for a good breakfast. My sister Paloma showed me the instagram site of this café…I was blown away…so we decided to go there. The taste of that cappuccino was MIND BLOWING. At least I remember I like it. It was my first cup of a high quality coffee.

One and a half years later I decided to go with my girlfriend Tara and one of my best friends Ezequiel again to the place, where this love story to coffee began.

Amazing breakfast table at Roamers.

It was a cold spring morning in the capital. Tara and I got in the car and drove all the way down from Charlottenburg to Neukölln, where the café is located. The first impression when you find the place is ‚wow…is this small‘. But small is the wrong word. It should be cozy, Farmhouse charm with a breeze of California, woody & rustic, stuffed with plants & country music, handcrafted food adorned with a fistful of love.

Let´s talk about the food. Just one word: delicious! They say ‚everything well made takes time‘ and no doubt in my mind that they mean it. They serve everything in metal trays in a very rustic way. It doesn’t only look good for pictures, it tastes very good as well!

My favorites? Their ‚Rum Hot Chocolate‘. Guys…I can’t describe the taste of it. It is so yummy! It is the perfect combination from chocolate, milk and that hotness of the rum. My favorite food? Their French toast! My friend Ezequiel even said that ‚it´s better than sex‘.

I love Roamers! There is only one thing that you have to keep in mind. They don’t do reservations! And since the place is so small, take your time to go there and wait a bit.

„You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way“ they say. And it´s true.

French Toast by Roamers.

Roamers means to me quality food, a cozy ambient with an amazing coffee! It means memories, it means friendship and love. Roamers means for me coming always back to that place where this passion started. It feels like home while roaming through Berlin…



Check out their Instagram out:

Pannierstrasse 64, 12043 Berlin



Still in Berlin Neukölln, my girlfriend and I found a café called ‚HOME BERLIN‘, owned by a young lady from New Zeland who used to work at The Barn a few years ago and decided to open her own place.

Inside HOME.

HOME is located in a not very common site of Neukölln. It is very unusual, since it is on a street where no shops exists at all. That makes it unique! The shop also has the big advantage of having sunlight almost during the entire day. That makes it also cozy and and you feel 100% welcomed.

Pretty much everything is completely homemade, from beautiful, crumbly scones & lemon curd to other cakes and regularly changing warm dishes. The place was clean and simple but still comfortable. Not necessarily a collection of old/vintage styled furniture but also not too sterile and cold. With one room in front facing the bar area and one back room suitable for bigger groups, this place is spacious enough to spend the day in. Everything is simply very well done! The coffee served is mainly from The Barn, but you may see changes throughout the year when it comes to filter coffee.

La Marzocco Linea PB. What a machine!

They prepare your coffee at a 2 group La Marzocco Linea PB. The station is equipped with a Mazzer Robur grinder. The filter station has a black EK43 ready to grind for a Kalita brew. A great setup for a one-person operation.

I decided to enjoy the pancakes. The portion was BIG. VERY BIG! So even though Tara and I shared it, we had to take one with home. Also we enjoyed, a flat white in combination with an iced flat white.

Pancakes by HOME.
Flat White in the making.








We had a nice chat with the barista, who was happy to explain a lot about the coffee they were serving it, but also about her life as a ‚Berlinerin‘. It is always nice to have such people serving you with love for what they prepare. At the end…they make you feel like HOME.



Check their Instagram out:

Jonasstraße 23, 12053 Berlin



Let´s change neighborhoods! Now we are walking through Berlin Mitte. Now…Mitte has A LOT of cafés. It feels like there is one next to the other. Important is now a days to offer different ideas, good menus in moderate prices. A good looking interior is also an important factor when it comes to opening cafés and wanting them to be a success.

Brunch at Distrikt Coffee.

‚Distrikt Coffee‘ is one of those exceptions in Berlin Mitte. It is located on a very calm street, where the Sunday feeling is almost an everyday thing. The place itself is big! Maybe one of the biggest cafés I´ve ever visited in Berlin. On weekends it is full of people, so waiting to be seated is very common.

I visited their shop for the first time in January 2017 and after that I went a few times with a few friends of mine. My last visit was this spring with my girlfriend. We wanted to have something sweet but also something salty, the menu was not disappointing. You have a few options covering also vegan dishes. We decided to have the avocado toast, a french toast and an açaí bowl.

SPIRIT Espresso Machine. A BEAST!

Serving delicious coffee from FIVE ELEPHANTS, made by the Spirit Duette machine, they have a very solid and consistent coffee product. Is not one of the bests out there in my opinion, but it´s good.

For me is Distrikt Coffee a good place to get out of the natural rush hour and stress around Mitte. The whole package is what makes this shop special. The atmosphere, the neighborhood, the food and the coffee makes it unique. My personal recommendation: go during the week!



Check their instagram out:

Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin



We are heading towards Kreuzberg! Located in one of the most famous food halls Markthalle IX, is ‚KAFFEE – 9‘.

Markthalle IX.

My feeling of entering KAFFEE 9: ‚Oh wow. OK! I will receive an amazing coffee!‘. Don’t ask me why I felt like that when I first got in. They gave me that feeling of being completely surrounded by professionals and knowers of coffee.

They offer only their self-roasted coffee. They have a very colorful selection of coffee´s, starting in Brasil and even Peruvian coffee is available! And let me tell you that it won’t disappoint you! It was delicious.

Coffee by KAFFEE-9.

What to order? You may have noticed that we love drinking flat whites! It is such a balanced drink. Two shots of espresso and perfect frothed milk…mmmhhh…so good! Also the pastries are yummy! Their citrus tart was good!

The shop inside is nice. It has a modern look, not quite spectacular in my opinion. For me it is perfect for just that…having a coffee and go! Continue shopping in the Markthalle or simply walk away. But staying there for a few hours is not an option at all…

Citrus tart. Very good!
Inside KAFFEE – 9.








The taste of the coffee was so good, that I even decided to take one package of their 250 grams ELEMENT ESPRESSO home. Trying it at home was a success!

The staff was very friendly, but since they do have a lot of costumers… chatting with them was almost impossible. At last I talked to one of the baristas who was happy to talk about the growing coffee scene in the city.

My opinion about this place? Their coffee is VERY GOOD! But bare in mind that Markthalle IX is right at the corner, so it´s very crowded. Sitting down for a few minutes to enjoy your drink is fine! But definitely not recommended for a very long stay…If you really liked their coffee just like I did, buy it! It´s as simple as that.



Check their instagram out:

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin


That’s all for now! There might be a part two of my favorite coffee shops in Berlin, since I didn’t write about all of them right now. There are also a few other coffee places in this city that in my opinion deserve separate articles. Expect them soon.

Thank you for reading! And have fun drinking coffee in Berlin!

K A F F E E K O M M U N E – „Bestes Café in Mainz?“

Wie in Berlin, München und fast überall, gibt es auch hier in Mainz diese kleinen, neuen, modernen Kaffee-Läden, die mit allerhand Einfallsreichtum die Landschaft aufwerten.

Meine erste Begegnung mit der Kaffeekommune war Mitte September dieses Jahres. Ich hatte gerade die Schlüssel für meine neue Wohnung bekommen. Mein zukünftiger Mitbewohner und ich wollten ein bisschen was von Mainz sehen, bevor wir zurück nach Frankfurt fahren mussten. Ich hatte ein paar Wochen davor mit einer Arbeitskollegin über Cafés gesprochen und sie hatte mir den Laden empfohlen. Und so landete ich zum aller ersten mal in der Kaffeekommune.

Die Kaffeekommune ist ein Ort, der sich auf das Wesentliche konzentriert: Das pure Geschmackserlebnis! Begebt euch auf eine sensorische Reise in die Welt der Kaffeebohne! Hier findet ihr nachhaltige Produkte u.a. aus Äthiopien, Kenia und El Salvador – Infos zur Röstung und Aromen gibt’s gratis dazu.

Wir sind hier nicht enttäuscht , sondern positiv überrascht geworden. Das Lokal war fast schon voll, doch wir hatten Glück mit den Plätzen. Das Personal war sehr freundlich!

In der Kaffeekommune gibt es verschiedene Kaffeesorten, man weiß gar nicht, was man probieren soll.
Soll ich einen Flatwhite oder eher einen Cappuccino trinken? Soll ich noch was zum snacken haben oder nicht? Oder warte mal…vielleicht will ich was kaltes trinken?

Die Karte besteht aus heissen und kalten Kaffee Getränken. Es gibt auch Tee und Säfte, die je nach Jahreszeit unterschiedlich sind. Ein kleines Frühstücksmenü mit verschiedenen Brotsorten , Porridge und Müsli ist ausreichend für den perfekten Morgen. Selbstverständlich gibt es auch Suppen und Avocado Brote. Kleine, aber sehr feine und leckere Snacks wie Shortbread, Scones und Banana Bread machen das komplette Angebot rund!

Ich nehme fast immer einen Flatwhite und werde jedesmal vom Geschmack total überrascht. Die Aromenvielfalt überrascht! Normalerweise, wenn jemand Kaffee trinkt, erwartet die Person einen eher bitteren Geschmack. Das ist aber gar nicht der Fall, er ist sogar leicht süsslich, der perfekte doppelte Espresso, mit Milchschaum, wirklich unglaublich! Espresso ist nicht einfach nur heiß und bitter. Er ist ein fruchtiges, intensives Geschmackserlebnis. Empfehlung: lasst euch nicht vom ersten Schluck schockieren; der Zweite ist schon besser und der Letzte ist immer der Schönste! Mit Milch wird ein leckeres Dessert daraus. Und glaubt mir…ihr werdet einfach mehr davon wollen.

Nennenswert ist auch, dass der Besitzer mehrfach den zweiten Platz bei nationalen Meisterschaften gewonnen hat. Entsprechend gut schmeckt der Kaffee.

Das Lokal an sich ist relativ klein, hat dafür aber sehr hohen Decken, sodass man die eigentliche Enge gar nicht bemerkt. Das Publikum ist jung und das ist gut. Ein WC mit einem sehr interessanten Spiegel gibt es auch! Das Ambiente ist gemütlich, oder chillig wie man heute sagen würde. Perfekt um sich mit Freunden zu treffen, ein Date, zum arbeiten oder lernen.

Jetzt bin ich regulärer Kunde bei Kaffeekommune und freue mich immer wieder auf meine Kaffee Dosis!

Es ist also ein sehr attraktives Angebot. Ihr findet die besten Kaffeesorten, mit tollem Ambiente und nettem Personal, das sich bestens mit der Materie auskennt. Außerdem finden in der Kaffeekommune regelmäßig Verkostungen, sogenannte Cuppings, statt, bei denen euch die Vielfalt des braunen Heißgetränks intensiv näher gebracht wird. Und es gibt auch Barista Seminare für alle, die mehr Interesse an dieser Kaffee Welt haben.

Mein persönliches Fazit. Ihr werdet sofort merken: Kaffee ist hier Leidenschaft und Profession! Und vielleicht stimmt auch was alle Mainzer sagen, Kaffeekommune ist das beste Café in der Stadt.

Viel Spass beim Kaffee trinken!


Mehr infos auf:

Mehr von Tourist in Mainz ?

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