About me!

`Tourist in Mainz´ – A project by Mateo Bruguera Hettig (@_fulltimeflyer_) 

My name is Mateo and I´m 21 years old. I was born and raised in Argentina. I´ve been living in Germany since 2015. I lived near Stuttgart, in Frankfurt, in Offenbach and now I live in beautiful Mainz. I am a private pilot, working as a flight attendant since the beginning of 2016 and I fly around the world with Germany´s biggest airline! I think it was once in Berlin, where I had a cappuccino at `Roamers´…and they blew my mind! I loved the whole product … the coffee itself, the crema, the latte art … it was just beautiful, a real treat! Since then I like to visit well-known and not so well-known coffee shops and restaurants in different cities around the world.

I had the idea to start a blog since I lived in Frankfurt. But there are enough bloggers and sites reporting coffee. I moved to Mainz and came up with the idea to show my new city through it´s cafés and restaurants! But soon I noticed that Mainz was small and that I could give more, if I would write about other cities and topics as well! I always have a reason to do something outside and see something new and experience.

So…if you are searching cozy places, experiences and fun in Mainz, around the Rhein-Main area, Germany and the world…this might be the right blog for you!

You are welcome to give me tips and feedback, they are always accepted.


Have fun while reading!